opposition movement

People frequently tell me they “don’t get into politics”, which isn’t possible. You are “into” politics whether you chose to be or not. The mere fact that you are alive means that you have political value to some person or organization—this value will be spent whether you actively participate or not. The only option life gives is whether you decide for yourself or someone else is chooses for you.

If you don’t follow politics, it can be difficult to see how legislation, that appears far away and theoretical, has such a great impact on day-to-day activities. But, political life isn’t just something you see on television and hear about on the radio. Our political leaders make decisions that affect everything you do in life—your job status, your financial position, and ultimately, how you interact with the rest of society.

As the tide of political turmoil rises and falls throughout history, we are coming to a point of an international, political tsunami. And like the world, our nation is experiencing a period of extreme unrest. This will not just go away. If you care about the outcome of humanity, make this your opportunity to take action.

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