Not all people voice their political views the same way, but as long as you feel motivated to improve the government, you can be a political activist. If you would like to get more involved, the opposition movement provides many outlets for advancing the philosophy of individualism and limited government.

Basic activism

  • Social media campaigns – Post links to articles and videos from the opposition website. Use our blog posts and essays as intellectual ammunition to banter with your friends.
  • Flyer campaigns – Old school activism. Hand out flyers and other printed media. In some cases, spray painting and other acts of mild vandalism. Visit the “flyers” page for download instructions.
  • Campus events – Help organize on-campus activities that promote individualism, activities such as debates, lectures, and other presentations. As the modern bastion of conformity, group-thinking, and statism, individualism is a radical on college campuses.
  • Speaking out – One of the most effective forms of political activism is simply discussing key issues with your family and friends. Not shoving your opinion in their face. Just straightforward, factual information about how government regulation ruins society.  But don’t be a jerk—also listen to what they have to say.

Advanced activism

  • Direct political action – Talk to candidates, elected officials, and give presentations at local political clubs and special interest groups.
  • Special projects – They are many political ideas society accepts as good, but are actually self-destructive. In many cases these ideas are elevated by some government program or regulation that sounds good on the surface, yet causes long-term economic dependence on government—dependence that is later used by the establishment as a mechanism of political control. Because of their intellectual complexity, these issues are often misunderstood by the general public. Our special projects team aims to simplify and explain how these ideas, though appearing beneficial, are actually devastating to a free society.